In our line of work there are times where we are amazingly blessed by God allowing us to stand next to her girl who’s contemplating abortion as we hold her hand and tears drip down her face and she chooses life. Sometimes she doesn’t choose life and that is a reality of our world.

I share with you a little bit from the book positive a story of Hope the chapter one glance written by my dear friend and nurse from the Pregnancy Center I worked at. And I quote I remember providing an ultrasound on an abortion minded  girl who was about eight weeks along. She wouldn’t look at the image on the screen. She needed confirmation that this was a  stainable pregnancy and also a definite age which would determine the type of abortion she would need. Of course her right not to watch was honored, while I was measuring the length the baby wiggled. this sometimes one doesn’t usually see at eight weeks. I knew the baby was moving because i had control of the instrument of the ultrasound. I also knew there was a slim chance this baby would not live to be born. It occurred to me that maybe I would be the only person to see this little person,as I silently prayed please God soften her heart and the thought of Psalm 139 15 my frame was not hidden from you… there were tears forming in my eyes and it was hard to speak. We don’t know what happened to this one but we can pray  that she chose life.

When Barbara shared this it really went to my heart sometimes, we may be the only person that sees that baby. But most of the time 90% of the time the girl sees that baby and she’s his life. As flutter grows and we ultrasounds  all over the world.  it is our goal that every child will be seen. That every girl in the world in every nation has access to ultrasound.

 I was sitting at my desk a few days ago questioning if this was really what God wanted us doing, we have been in the loop of trying to finalize all of the nonprofit paperwork and that can become really overwhelming. I was asking the Lord to confirm and me today is this what we’re supposed to be doing. I got an email from an old friend who says that one of the centers that’s in the Dominican Republic needs an ultrasound there’s broke and they had been using it to save lives and babies. I prayed about it went to conference, and at conference we make contact with a center that called me the morning that I was feeling discouraged. They said they had a five-year-old machine that they were ready to donate on Friday after their training to a center in a developing country. As I picked up the phone to call the contact person for the Dominican Republic I felt like someone in an adoption agency who says your baby is here. I called and said your baby’s here and she said my baby’s here knowing exactly what I meant.  she said that she had been feeling discouraged as well and now she was uplifted and excited. God provides in so many ways. And we can never see all he touches. The lives that we can’t touch ourselves.

I look at my wall in my office of all of the different places that Fluttet is working to Place machines in Haiti Bahamas Barbados Columbia Dominican Republic Albania South Africa Ghana Zambia and Nigeria. Just to name a few. God shows flutter to take on this huge task of finding the machines, shipping them and training the nurses. This is a life-saving work we are on the edge of what I believe is a great breakthrough. We know that abortion  stats from the United States have gone down drastically in the last three years because of ultrasound and because the pregnancy centers here are equipped.

Our goal is to make sure that every girl from every nation has access to free ultrasound. And that every child will be seen. I leave you with a quote from Mother Teresa ” , prayer is not asking prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God at his disposition and listening to his voice in the deaths of our hearts. I asked you to pray for flutter for all the girls who are seeking ultrasound that every child will be seen.

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